Big Bend

Area 3
Coach: Glenn Elmer

Front Row Reclining:  Don "Hammer" Hamm

2nd Row L-R:  Rod "FSU" Hayes, Gary Tucker, Troy "Big Dill" Pickles, Cary "Angry Man" Nall, Dallas "Rambo" Hogans, Glenn "Fudd" Elmer

Back Row L-R: Damon Larry, Phillip Cothron, June "Bug" Knight, Don Williams, John "Baby" Doll, Lil Ricky Jefferson, Stan "Pool Noodle" Brannan, Billy "Big" Johnson

Not Pictured:  Chris Myers, Brian “Bull” Goddard, Martin “the Thunder” Miller, and "Team General Counsel" Chip Beal.

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Please pray for the friends and family of FHC members, Ricky Bahrey & Bucky Johnston