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Welcome to the Florida Half Century Amateur Softball Association (FHCASA) website. We are a Not For Profit association of softball players and teams spanning the state of Florida and dedicated to providing a place for more experienced softball players to continue to participate in the competitive world of softball.  We have been in existence for more than 25 years and are growing as our market increases.

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Do you have any photos from our tournaments?  We'd love to feature them on our website!  Use the Contact Us page to submit your photos, and we'll add them to our new Gallery page.

Need a Team or a Player?

Are you a player looking for a team to showcase your talent, or are you a team in need of some new blood?  Go check out the FHC News pageand comment on the post about players and teams looking!

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Please pray for the friends and family of FHC members, Ricky Bahrey & Bucky Johnston