No Doubt

Area 4
Coach: Mr Randy Behe

Front Row L-R:  Mark Klaers, Leslie Hunter, William Wold, Vito Pischetola, Leo Miller

Back Row L-R:  Marvin Lilly, Randy Behe, Dan Hucke, James Ottman, Mike Varricchio, Scott D. A. Jones, Mark Burnside, Thomas Joseph Peterson

Not Pictured:  Victor London and Richie Martin


No Doubt is from the Orlando area, and only in its second year of playing together, but some of the relationships go back years.  Many of the players, not all, are in recovery, some for decades.  They have become responsible productive members of society.  Playing softball allows us to stay healthy, act like children again, and keep our minds focused.  We support each other both on and off the field, and enjoy our new-found softball family.  In April of 2017 No Doubt was ranked 81; with winning of our bracket in the March 2018 tourney, we are now ranked 66.  As we continue to build our team comradery, look for us to steadily climb up the leaderboard...NO DOUBT!

Front Row L-R:  Thomas Peterson #44, Leo Miller #3, Vito Pischetola #2, Leslie Hunter #24, Mark Klaers #7, William Wold #4

Back Row L-R:  Ritchie Martin #13, Mike Varricchio #15, Marvin Lilly #8, Joel Crull #88, Randy Behe #1, Victor London #36, Jimmy Ottman #5

Not Pictured:  Steven Stapp #12, Marty Lafave #37, Raymond Tondorf #33

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