Photography Specials for State Tournaments

Nov 21, 2022 ·   General

MSC Photography FHC States Photography ShootsAll 4 games Dec 18/19 = $250 2 games either Saturday or Sunday $150 total Contact me to book your set .. First come, First Served.



Fall 2022 Election Results

Nov 16, 2022 ·   Voting

Our Fall 2022 Election ended last Thursday night at midnight.  We voted on potential rules changes, and 4 positions on the FHC Board.  Here are the results: Move the State Tournament to October of each year for the 50s Division?No, keep in December. Change the "runs per inning" to five (5) instead of seven (7), in order to get more innings in. There would still be an open inning.No, keep 7 runs. FHC Chairman ElectionMike Knowles (unopposed) FHC Area 1 Director ElectionJohn Kurtz (unopposed) FHC Area 3 Di ...



Checking IDs and Player Cards in December

Nov 15, 2022

50's Managers, alert your Players now that we will be checking both FHC cards and their Driver's License at the sign-in table.  Contact them now so no one is sent home.   We will also be taking donations toward the Hurricane Relief Fund through both State Tournaments.  We are asking that every Player donate at least $5.  If you want to do a Team check or Individual check make it out to Hilda Sills.  She is Chairing the Committee.  Send it to :   Hilda Sills 2913 W. Palmetto Street Tampa, FL 33607



FHC Hurricane Ian Relief Fund

Oct 28, 2022 ·   General

Managers, Players and family members, your FHC family is teaming up with two of our best to raise Hurricane Relief Funds.  Hilda and Jennis Sills will be heading up the FHC Committee, and will be coordinating our efforts to help as many families as we can. We are asking every single FHC person to donate at least $5.00.  We have several thousand people in FHC, and if every person gave $5, we would be ecstatic.  We will have Fund Boxes at every Site for the upcoming November and December Tournaments.  You may donate ther ...



Checking Player IDs & Driver's Licenses Nov & Dec

Oct 28, 2022 ·   Tournament News

Managers, please inform your Players that we will be checking FHC cards and Driver's License IDs at the November and December tournaments.  Anyone can make a mistake, but forewarn your guys that if they forget their info in the car, just say so and go back and get it.  Every once in a while, a Player gets indignant, makes a big deal about not knowing, and someone gets sent home early.  It is your responsibility to pass along all messages to your Players. Thanks,   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Chairman's Notes - October 2022

Oct 16, 2022 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, all of us in FHC are heartbroken over the results of the Hurricane.  Whether you are a Player, Manager, Coach, Umpire, Board Member or family member, every single person has been, or still is being affected by this terrible storm and water surge.  I know in my house, we are praying daily for all of those that are still dealing with the aftermath.  We are still on for our 60+ and 50s tournament in Polk County, and will be glad to get back and see our softball friends and families.  God bless you all. Remember ...



Roster Deadline Extended to October 8

Sep 30, 2022

Guys, because of the weather issues, and the lack of communication, we are extending the October 1st deadline for Rosters being frozen for the State Championships by one week, to October 8. Men, I hope you all got through this mess healthy and wise.  Remember that material things can be replaced, but not lives.  We lost power for over 2 days, but we are ok.   God bless you all,   Mike KnowlesFHC Chairman



Memorial for Ronnie Hardin of Florida Mustangs

Sep 26, 2022

There will be a Celebration of Life for Ronnie Hardin of the Florida Mustangs on Saturday, October 1, 2022, from 3-7pm.  Ronnie played for the Florida Mustangs for a few years before COVID stopped play. He never returned due to ailments and family obligations. Ricks on the River (Pavilion)2305 N Willow AveTampa, FL 33607 Light snacks & cash barRSVP if you plan to attend Bill



October 1-2 60s Tournament Canceled

Sep 25, 2022 ·   Tournament News

Managers, in the past years, your FHC Board of Directors has leaned on the "safe side" on and off the field.  This time is no different.  Unless you live in a shoe, we all know about the impending Hurricane that is bearing down on Florida.  Not even the experts know exactly where it will hit later this week, but we do know that most everyone will be affected by torrential rain and possibly high winds.  Because of this, we are canceling next week's tournament in Polk County.  All of us must take the time now to prop ...



Hurricane Threat to Florida Next Week

Sep 23, 2022 ·   Tournament News

Managers, we are monitoring the possible Tropical Storm/Hurricane that is moving into the Caribbean in the next couple of days.  As you know, there are always possible scenarios, but we should get a better picture from the Weather Channel by Sunday or so.  It could move out into the western Gulf, stay in the middle, or come close or over Florida.  We have 80 or so teams registered for the tournament, so we want to play, but we will not put any of you in danger just to play a softball game for a tee shirt.  Every one of ...


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