Pompano Boyz

Area 4
Coach: Dave Joseph

Kneeling Front:  Joe Leone

Middle Row Standing:  Walt Surich, Jeff "OJ" Riley, Dan Gardine, Robert Guise, Joe Arroyo

Back Row Standing:  Bob Danner, Coach David Joseph, Rich Ballentine, Roger Homefield, Ray Durbin, Bruce McVay, Skip "Ripper" Sherman

Sponsor:  Mello Financial

The current configuration of Pompano Boyz is a combination of players from Cape Coral area (west coast) and Pompano Beach area (east coast).  We were a 60s team the last 4 years, and I took those that were 65+, and added some from this coast.

We started playing together in April 2018 tournament for the first time. We have gelled together well since then, going 2-2 in April, and 2-2 in June and then 3-1 in August.


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