Chairman's Notes

Chairman's Notes January 2020

Jan 19, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Mangers, it was a busy Thanksgiving and Christmas month and we can thank the Lord for our many blessings. Sometimes life does not seem so fair but we really are blessed, each and every one of us, for living in a great country and being able to play the game we all love. I want to emphasize the word 'game.' On occasion one of our Players...



Chairman's Notes October 2019

Oct 24, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

As of Monday October 23rd our long tenured and friend Bud Wortendyke, has decided to end his 14 year career as the FHC Treasurer. We thank Bud and Phyllis, for all of their hard work throughout these many years. At a time when the FHC future looked bleak...



Chairman's Notes September 2019

Sep 15, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, I have several things to discuss with you tonight. Please share my Notes with everyone on your team...



Chairman's Notes August 2019

Aug 06, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Lots of info to share. Please take a few moments to read this month's Chairman's Notes.



June 2019 Chairman's Notes

Jun 11, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

The FHC family is very sad. At our ages it is almost a weekly event to hear of a friend or family member that has passed away into God's hands.



March Chairman's Notes

Mar 30, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, the year is flying by. But, we have had great weather so far. Mother Nature has been tough on FHC the last couple of years so we are do a good year for softball. In no particular order of importance there are several things to go over with you...



Chairman's Notes - January 2019

Jan 27, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Chairman's Notes Managers, for the first time in FHC history, we will hold our Manager's Meetings at the Tournament Sites. This will allow more of you...



Some important issues from the Chairman

Jan 02, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, my December Chairman's Notes will come next week, but I still have some important issues for you...



Get your 2019 Team Registrations & Rosters in ASAP!

Dec 29, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Coaches, you need to get your paperwork submitted before playing next weekend!



All Teams Must Use the Same Balls!

Nov 20, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, we have sent out several messages about the balls that are used at the tournaments. Beginning in October we began using the old FHC ball which is quite lively...


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