Chairman's Notes - January 2017

Jan 14, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes
Managers, we have two things that need some clarity:
  1. There has been some confusion on how the Grandfather rule is used.  If you are playing on a team, and on its roster, in one Area, and you move to another Area, you may continue to remain on that original team, but only if you apply through the Chairman's office.  You cannot just do it on your own.  If you become a roster player for anyone else you lose that right.  Also, you may be a "pickup" player in your new Area but not in the old Area.  Example:  Player A moves from Area 1 to Area 4.  He may remain on that Area 1 team but cannot be a pickup player on any Area 1 team.  He may be a pickup player in Area 4.  If he is added to any roster in his new Area he loses his GF right.
  2. We are having too many problems with teams not paying their tournament fees on time. So there is not any confusion, tournament fees must arrive at the Host address by the day the schedule is completed, which is Friday, one week prior, to the tournament.  If you have a conflict you may contact the Host and arrange payment with them.  Things happen, but not every month.  If your check does not arrive on time then you must pay a $25 fine.
See you at the ballparks,
Mike Knowles

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