Chairman's Notes - January 2019

Jan 27, 2019 ·   Chairman's Notes
Chairman's Notes - January 2019
Managers, for the first time in FHC history, we will hold our Manager's Meetings at the Tournament Sites.  This will allow more of you to attend the meeting without having to travel to some far away place.  Next week at Bombah there are 4 Hubs.  Hubs A and B will meet there in the stands near the sign-in tables.  Hub D will move over to Hub C to have their meeting.  We will get started right at 12 noon and be finished by 12:30 to 12:40 pm.  All Managers, please bring your new players with you so they can get some vital information.  
At the 50's tournament, we will meet at the 3 Tournament Sites, again at 12 noon.  Managers, bring your new players with you.
Board members will be conducting these meetings.  We want to help you with as much information possible from starting a new team to roster checks, who to call with what, and so on.  
One of the most important changes this year is that each Manager has 30 days to check his roster, after a tournament has been played.  If you do not do so, you risk a player not getting credit for a particular tournament.  We want everyone to get credit for tournaments, but it is too difficult to check on a scoresheet from June, in December, so we are placing the responsibility on the shoulders of the individual Manager to check his own team.
We placed the time for the meetings in the middle of the day so everyone can have a chance to attend.  If you play early you can stick around for a short time, and if you play later in the day, you can come to the park a little early.  It will be worth it.
We were successful in getting all games played at both of the January tournaments.  We dodged some bad weather, but had to play in some cold and windy parts.  Which brings up our philosophy about getting the games in, if possible.  No one really likes to play a 'one pitch' format, but we will do our part to get the games in.  Again, if possible.  We are the largest Senior Softball Organization in the country, which means that all tournaments have at least 40-50 teams, and most tournaments have between 65 and 80 teams.  We want you to play, and you want to play.  Most of you are very understanding when we are forced to go to a shortened format, and we are constantly trying new ways to get the games in, but also being fair to all teams.  We are concerned with all teams.  Most of you are concerned about one team, and that is understandable.  However, we will continue this policy.
Managers, if you think you have an idea that will make FHC run more smoothly, please contact your Area Director.  These men really do bring your ideas to our meetings.  But, do not complain if you do not have a solution to what you think is an overall problem.  Remember, we are concerned about all of the teams and getting their games in.
God bless and good luck,
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman


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