Chairman's Notes - January 2024

Jan 25, 2024 ·   Chairman's Notes
Managers, I have a few things for you:
Your Team cannot play in a Tournament until you are registered and your Roster is in.
2023 is over, and in 2024, we will be playing with the Baden Ball only.  Any other ball used in the past is now not legal.  If you need additional balls at a tournament you can purchase them at your Site.
We will stop the bat testing in mass and will be testing your bats randomly.  In other words, your Site Director may come into your dugout at anytime and tell you to have your Players to show their bats.  
We will be experimenting with the weighing of bats randomly also.  If a Player has a bat that says 27 ounces, and it weighs 25, that bat has been altered.  The bat will be thrown out and the Player is subject to suspension.
I hear all the time that a Player, or Manager, say they could umpire better than the umpires they have in a game.  Well, "put your money where your mouth is," and contact me, and I will steer you in the right direction.  Many of our FHC Members are Player/Umpires and we love them all.  Give it a try.  You could make enough money on a weekend to pay for your expenses.
Always remember that we live in Florida and the weather is unpredictable at best.  We are all softball lovers, and understand how disappointed you are when we cancel.  The veterans know we really try to get the games in.  Out of 100 Teams for the January 60+ tournament, we had only a handful of protests.  I am still waiting for someone to tell me who the "very reckless Dave" was that led a tirade against our Board.  I want to meet face to face with that one.
The help line is just that, a "help line."  It is not a place to rant and rave.  Don't force me take that service down!!!
Remember please that we are the largest 50+ League in the world.  If you contact me or any Board Member, please be patient.  You veterans know that the best way to get my attention is to email me, and not text.  If you contact me, and you do not hear from me in 2 days, call me.  My number is on the website.
We will check ID's (FHC card and driver's license) through March.  That is standard procedure.  Do not embarrass yourself at the sign-in table, and say you did not know what was going on.  That tells us that you do not read your emails.
Team Points start over each year.  They are determined by the entire past year, and not just the State Tournament.  This year, the Board has determined that a Team will receive 2 point for a bracket win and of course 1 point for each win.
Team rankings are determined by points, but also by our Ranking Committee, which is made up by our Commissioners and Site Directors.  They have the authority to move your Team to a proper bracket based on where they feel you belong.
We were hit by bad weather in December, as you know.  We were able to play the 60+ Tournament, and determine the State Champions, and they have already received their awards.  However, the 50's Teams did not get to play.  The Board decided to give awards to the Teams of the Year, and they will receive a very nice long sleeve shirt instead of a plaque.  The 60+ Teams will receive a very nice plaque to present to their sponsors.
God bless and I hope to see you soon at the ballpark.
Coach Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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