Chairman's Notes - July 2018

Aug 14, 2018 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, please thank your Commissioners and Scheduler for getting us through July and getting our games in.  Mother Nature is always around us in Florida, but it is always the intention of our FHC Board to get the games in, if possible.  We make a great effort to make sure the games are played, even if it is the dreaded "1-Pitch."  Most other Associations cancel very early in the weekend, but we do so only if there is no other option.  It took two hurricanes last year for us to cancel a tournament.

We are quickly coming to the fall games and the State Tournament is around the corner.  Here are a couple of reminders:

Beginning in October, the players must show their ID's and FHC card at the check-in table.  This gets them ready for the rest of the year, and the beginning of 2019.  Make sure you check with every player on your team, and make sure they know what is expected at the check-in table.  No surprises.  If they need a replacement card for whatever reason, have them contact me ASAP.
Just to remind you Coaches/Managers:
To be eligible for the State Tournament, each team must play in a minimum of 6 tournaments, and each player must play in at least 4 tournaments.  Each player must play in those tournament with your team, not just any team.  Being a pick-up before coming on your roster DOES count.
If you have a player that needs to apply for a medical waiver, do so very soon.  They need to contact me ASAP.  They will need medical verification, and the cutoff date is November 1.  Have your player contact me ASAP.
If you are scheduled to play a game on Sunday and you decide that the game does not matter, and you leave without the permission of the Site Director, you will face a fine and a suspension.  
Bringing a weapon of any kind to the ball field is illegal in Florida. You could not only be arrested, but you could face a severe suspension from FHC.  If you threaten someone at the field or in the parking lot, or threaten someone who is part of FHC, you face permanent suspension.
At the tournament site, we only take the Player Pickup Form.  We do not take the Roster Addition Form. You must contact our Secretary, Greg Hazel, to make those roster changes.  It saves us, and you, unwanted roster problems.
Enough with the negative stuff.  I truly enjoy coming to your dugout and visiting with you and your players.  I envy all of you, for I had to quit playing myself a couple of years ago.  I am having a shoulder replacement in late September.  65 tears of baseball and softball, along with power lifting since I was 25, has taken its toll on my limbs.  If things go well, maybe……………...
This coming weekend, we are playing at The Villages.  I hope to see you there.
God bless and good luck,
Mike Knowles
Chairman FHCASA

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