Chairman's Notes May 2021

May 18, 2021 ·   Chairman's Notes
Managers, it is with great concern that I bring some important issues to your attention.  The Board will allow and expect you to police your own teams.  Let me explain what happened this past weekend at the Century Link Softball Complex and Cape Coral, and I think you will agree that you have some work to do.
1.  There were multiple ejections that took place.  The ejections concerned cursing at an umpire because a Player made an out and blamed it on the umpire.  Another was because a Player threatened an umpire because he did not like a call.   Another ejection was the dumbest I have ever seen.  You pitchers all know the rules about getting behind the screen after you release the ball.  It is a safety issue regarding your health.  The pitcher was warned multiple times and was then removed as pitcher.  All he could come with was that it was all the umpires fault that he just gave up a bunch of hits and runs.  Another  ejection occurred because his teammate got in to the argument.  Both Players were told to go to the parking lot by a Board Member, and they ignored him and one of the Players charged the Board Member because he pointed to the parking lot.  Those will all be handled by the Board of Directors and the penalties will be severe in some cases.  Managers, control your Players at all times.  If you don't, we will.
2.  Many of the dugouts were left in a mess.  You are always asked to clean up after your games are over, and most of you are very good at doing that.  We are very fortunate to be able to play in places like Century Link, so do your part, and have your Players do theirs.
3.  Alcoholic cans and bottles were found in the dugouts at the end of the day on Sunday.  Managers, you know our policy.  If we see open containers in the dugouts there will be severe suspensions.  Please share this with your team.  Also, some teams left beer cans and bottles in the parking lot.  I have told you many times that we want you to enjoy yourselves, but be mindful of where you are, and clean up the area before you leave the complex.  I was embarrassed when a Century Link official brought this to our attention.  If this occurs again there will be penalties.
4.  Every one of you have played ball since little league baseball or softball.  Some of you played in high school, college, and some in pro ball.  The one thing you are always taught is "don't argue balls and strikes."  We teach our umpires to be somewhat tolerant on this issue.  Don't force us to enforce that policy totally.  
5.  Some of our Players at all levels seem to think that the policy of respect toward each other, the umpires, and League Officials does not apply to them.  I am giving you the opportunity to correct that mindset, starting at the next tournament.
6.  I forgot to tell you that one Player was ejected after the game was over.  He cursed at the umpire severely and said that "you can't throw me, the game is over."  Tell your Players that they can be ejected at any time, including in the parking lot going home.
As you can see, I am a bit fired up.  We have been doing so well since the beginning of the year, with only a few problems.  I believe that because we are receiving the shots, many think that the tough times are over and so is the respect.  I also think that the alcohol is part of the problem.  As a Manager, why would you allow a Player to drink at the games, or between games if you have a game wait?  It is not fair to your sponsor, to you, or the other Players on the team.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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