Chairman's Notes - October 2022

Oct 16, 2022 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, all of us in FHC are heartbroken over the results of the Hurricane.  Whether you are a Player, Manager, Coach, Umpire, Board Member or family member, every single person has been, or still is being affected by this terrible storm and water surge.  I know in my house, we are praying daily for all of those that are still dealing with the aftermath.  We are still on for our 60+ and 50s tournament in Polk County, and will be glad to get back and see our softball friends and families.  God bless you all.

Remember to contact your Area Director with your issues or concerns.  They, in turn, will contact the Board for investigation and a vote, if necessary.
November 1st is the deadline for applying for a "Medical Waiver."  Contact Mike Knowles, and make sure your Player has a communication from a doctor, surgeon, or some medical person stating when and where the injury or illness happened.  Emergencies do happen, so if something occurs at the last minute in November, contact us for that too.
We will vote for those eligible Board positions and several issues, beginning on Sunday November 6, and the vote will run through November 11.  I will get those election candidates and issues to you sometime next week for your perusal.  
Team Registration for 2023 is now open.  As a reminder, the Team Registration Form, and check for $200 is sent to Al Melendez, and the Team Rosters are sent to Greg Hazel.  Please get those in ASAP.  However, we know that those Areas that are still reeling from the Hurricane may be a bit slow in getting their information in, and that is of course understandable.
December is a very important month for FHC for several reasons:
  • On Friday, December 4, we will be hosting our FHC 2022 Hall of Fame Inductions at the Springhill Suites in Lakeland.  It is the same Hotel that we had the 2021 HOF Inductions.
  • The 60+ State Championships will be played on December 5/6 in Polk County.
  • The 50s State Championships will be held one week later this year on December 17/18, also in Polk County.  We had one of our Sites unavailable on the second weekend, so we were able to move it and have more fields to play on.
*****Make sure you are checking your rosters online to make sure that you and your Players are being credited for playing on any given weekend.  Do not wait until December, and call and say that we missed something.  Mistakes do occur occasionally, but most of the time it is the Manager's fault for not keeping up with the roster eligibility.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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