Checks going out to 50's teams that rained out in Cape Coral

May 30, 2018 ·   Tournament News

Managers, a few of you may not think so, but the Board always has your best interest in mind when we make hard decisions.  The Board has decided to do something different than the $50 credit for those teams that did not get to play their games on Sunday at the Cape Coral fields.  First of all, I took for granted that teams understood what happens if a tournament is not completed.  That is my fault.  $25 of the $250 fee goes to help pay for Umpire and Commissioner Hotels and field fees.  That leaves $225 for the tournament itself.  The teams at the Cape complex played half of their games but you do not get half of your fee back.  We must pay the bills first then we determine how much each team gets back.  Normally, with team Hosts, each team receives between $26 and $28 per game back.  We thought it was be a good gesture to offer a $50 credit, to make it easier for you to remember when writing your check, rather than $52 or so dollars.  However, we realized that the FHC Board had to Host this one and so we are not tied to the common place action.  We still have to pay the bills but we believe that a fair amount to be paid to each team is $90.  We are mailing those checks out by tomorrow instead of giving the credit for the nest tournament.

Guys, if you have a question about what is going on with our Association, and I mean our Association, please call your Area Director, or me, and ask.  Last night I received a very condemning message about our Board and how it is thought by a few of our Mangers that the monies are not being placed properly.  I have said to you on many occasions that every single member of your Board is a fair, honest, and approachable person.  But please do it in a respectful manner.  Your 1st Amendment rights do not allow you to accuse people of illegal acts just because you want to.  Our judicial system does not work that way.  We were audited in 2017 and our yearly audit will be conducted by Dick Dion in the next couple of weeks.  Dick was in the school system for many years as an accountant and is kind enough to do this for us.
Again, call and ask us questions before you jump to conclusions and put yourself in a difficult situation.
Mike Knowles

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