Important Items Up For a Vote!

Oct 31, 2018 ·   Voting

Here is a list of the upcoming items on which we will be voting.  There may be a couple additional items added.  Voting will be on the website ONLY, and begins next Monday, November 5, 2018.

  1. An 80+ age team may draw from a low end of 78 year olds.
    Yes or No
  2. Currently, if a player comes off the roster of a team, they cannot return to the original team for a 6 month period. This will reduce that time to 3 months.
    Yes or No
  3. Pitchers must be in contact with the pitching rubber when they release the ball.  A 'YES' vote means to stay on the rubber.  A 'NO' vote means that the pitcher may release the ball on or within 6' behind the rubber.
    Yes or No
  4. Coin toss before each game.  This makes scheduling much easier, and allows each team a greater sense of fairness.  There would be no anxiety in the Visitor/Home assignments.
    Yes or No
  5. Move the State Tournaments to the Fall (Sept./Oct.)  The pressure of the Holidays would be gone and the tournaments would be played with the entire team at full strength.
    Yes or No
  6. The Villages area is among the fastest growing retirement communities in America.  At this time the boundaries are set the same as in 2005.  A "Stay' vote means to keep the boundaries the same as now, and an 'Allow change' vote means that the Board can reassess the boundaries going forward.
    Stay or Allow
  7. Area 1 Director:  Incumbent is John Kurtz.  He is running unopposed.
  8. Area 3 Director:  Incumbent is Al Melendez.  He is running unopposed.
  9. Secretary:  Incumbent is Greg Hazel.  He is running unopposed.
  10. Chairman:  Incumnent is Mike Knowles.  Challenger is Duane Jones.

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