Important notes for 2021 tournaments

Jan 27, 2021 ·   General
  • Managers, the FHC Board of Directors is has approved the use  of the coin flip process for all games for the next 3 months in the 50's Divisions.  We will poll you Managers in a couple of months to get your input.
  • There will NOT be temperature checks, and no wristbands at the tournaments for the time being.
  • It is the responsibility of you Managers to make sure your Players are not sick.  Go over this with your Players.  Tell them if they are sick to STAY HOME.
  • We are still practicing proper social distancing in the stands and along the fence lines.  We are still practicing 6' distances where practical.  Remember also that face masks are encouraged off the field, but your choice on the field.
  • If you have new Players remind, them that abusive language can get them ejected for that game and beyond.  Be respectful to all umpires, officials, and other teams.  If you have a problem, let the umpires do their job.
  • Remind your Players to be respective to your umpires.  If you cannot control your mouth you may be penalized.
  • Be at the park ready to play one full game time prior to your game.  There has not been a 30 minute rule in over a decade.
  • We will have Manager Meetings in February also.  You, or a representative should attend that meeting.  All NEW Managers MUST attend the meeting.  It will occur in the middle of the schedule, just like before.
  • We will resume checking FHC cards and ID's in February.  If you have a Player without an FHC card, have him contact me ASAP so he can get one before the next tournament.

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