New automated schedule system launches

Jan 04, 2024 ·   Website

Florida Half Century has invested in the development of a custom schedule system that we built from the ground up.  This new tool will allow schedules to be more quickly available, and also allows us to regenerate the schedule very quickly when teams drop out.  We built in some systems logic that will try to keep teams from being stuck with all early games, and will create a more balanced schedule of early and late games throughout the season.

Please bear with us as we implement this new system.  This weekend, with a record 100 teams, a new FHC Secretary, and brackets having to move complexes on Sunday, bad weather causing start times to shift, it was a "perfect storm" of complexities that made things a lot more challenging.  I apologize for all the confusion in the last 24 hours regarding the schedule.  We are back at work on it, trying to refine what we've already built in order to make it even better and more flexible.

ALWAYS make sure to check the timestamp above the schedule to make sure your team has the very latest schedule.  When teams drop out, the schedule has to be adjusted.  We'll continue to try and improve this new system as we find new wrinkles to overcome.

Tres Fenton
FHC Webmaster
Former 50's player and sponsor

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