Rabbit Runner rule has been modified

Dec 27, 2022 ·   FHCASA Rules
As of January 1, 2923, the Rabbit Runner will be changed to the following:
  1. The RR will start at a point 3 feet behind the rear back left corner of the catcher's box, looking out to the field of play.  He may not start to run until the ball is hit by the batter.  If he does, he is out, and all other runners return.  If the RR rounds first base and touches 2nd base, in a normal play, he is out, and the other base runners return.
  2. Once the ball is hit, the RR may not run beyond the first base bag unless:
     a.  The batted ball is a 'ground rule double.'
     b.  The batted ball is a 'home run.'
     c.  An infielder throws the ball out of play (one plus one). 
     d.  An outfielder throws the ball out of play (2 bases from the time of the throw).
The Commissioners and Site Directors feel that this simplification of the 'Rabbit Runner' rule will make it easier to understand for the Players and Managers, and also make it easier for the Umpires to officiate.
Mike Knowles

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