Shortened Games Rules

May 30, 2019 ·   FHCASA Rules
Managers, after the Villages tournament, and the rain shortened schedule on Sunday, we realized that we need to come to a clear and fair ruling on what constitutes a full game.  "In a shortened game, there must be 3 full innings played to constitute a full game."  The other parts of the game are still the same.  Example:  If the game is called after 3 and one half innings, and the home team does not bat, or does not complete their half inning, you revert back to the previous inning's score.  This will be in effect beginning with the tournament this weekend in Polk County.
Also, this is a reminder that a Manager cannot add a Player to his roster at the tournament site.  This must be done by contacting Greg Hazel (Secretary) during the weekdays.  
Mike Knowles

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