The Results are IN!

Nov 11, 2018 ·   Voting
  • Chairman - Mike Knowles held off Duane Jones to retain his seat as Chairman for another 2 years.
  • Secretary - Greg Hazle ran unopposed, so he wins another term as Secretary.
  • Area 1 Director - John Kurtz ran unopposed, so he wins another term as Director.
  • Area 3 Director - Al Melendez ran unopposed, so he wins another term as Director.
  • 7-run limit for all innings except last, open inning was voted in for the 50's Division.
  • Pitching height remains at a 12-foot limit.
  • With the approval of the FHC Board of Directors, the position of Scheduler shall be assigned to the FHC Secretary.
  • The Board, by supermajority, may negate, suspend, or stop any action or decision made by the Chairman until the next Board meeting is called.
  • In a very close vote, the current boundaries for The Villages will remain.
  • The State Tournaments will remain in December.
  • Home team and visitor will continue to be assigned by the scheduler.
  • In another close vote, the pitcher will continue to have to be in contact with the rubber when he releases the ball.
  • Players can now return to their previous team after 3 calendar tournament months have passed.  This means the player will not be able to play for his previous team in the next 3 tournaments, but if his previous team does not play in any of those months, they still count as months he cannot return.
  • A player may begin playing in the new 80's Division starting on January 1st of the year he turns 79, so he may play at age 78 as long as he turns 79 on or before December 31st of that year.

Congratulations to all the Board members that held onto their seats!  We know everyone works very hard to make this the best senior softball association in Florida.  The Board always wants to hear from its members.  If you have any questions or concerns, please use the website to send your messages, and they will be forwarded to the proper Board member ASAP.

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