Time to Vote!

Sep 22, 2017 ·   Voting

Managers, this is a second reminder that you will be voting for the
following next week. If you do not receive the Survey for some reason
then please contact your Area Director ASAP. You will have several
days to get your vote in.

  1. Update of FHC By-Laws
  2. Update of FHC Playing Rules
  3. We, the FHC Board, appointed Mr. Mike Correa as Commissioner on a 6 month trial period. That period is over and we are quite happy withhis performance. We ask that you approve his appointment.
  4. With the tremendous growth of our great FHC Association, we feel it is time to compensate the members of our FHC Board. We are the largest Senior Softball Association in America and the responsibilities are immense. We have taken great pains and research to make sure that the compensation is fair but also something our organization can handle. We are finalizing the figures even now and I will list those for you so you can see what you are voting on.

Mike Knowles
FHC Senior Softball

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