Tournament info for next weekend's 50's in Polk County

Nov 10, 2017 ·   Tournament News
Managers, this to inform you that there is a great chance that we may be forced to go to the "1 Pitch" format for next weeks 50's tournament. It will be a 45-50 minute drop dead time limit.  We will let you know.  The Polk County Parks have informed us that there is still a hurricane hangover at one of the complexes we were to use.  We have asked to be moved to another complex, if available.  Also, we have reached out to the Plant City/Tampa to see if they have something that we can use.  With this being a holiday we will not hear from them until Monday.  To add to the problem the lights at our complex in
Lakeland are still out.  With darkness coming at 5:45-6:00pm we must finish early.  The scheduler will get a schedule out by Saturday which will reflect the 1 pitch format.  If we can get additional fields then he will put out a new schedule.  This is not anyones fault. Unfortunately, we must do what the Polk County government tells us we can do.
Mike Knowles
FHC Softball


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