Virus Protocols for Tournament Sites

Sep 11, 2020 ·   Tournament News

Managers, we are adjusting to the 'virus' protocols that our Sites are asking for, and we thank you for that.  Believe me, I have filled out more paper work in the last 30 days than I have in the almost 4 years that I have been the Chairman of FHC.  But, we do what we have to do in order to keep playing ball.  I have a few things for you tonight:

We need you to do a better job of getting tournament checks in on time.  Most of you do a great job, but more and more are waiting to bring the check with you to the tournament.  We have to pay the bills up front, so we need all of you to get your check in on time.  Beginning in October, we will be forced to add on a $25 late fee if that occurs.  That has always been the case, but we have not enforced it in quite a while.  For example, we have 19 teams that are late this month, and we play in 2 days.
Make sure you check the rain line on our website starting on Thursday to see if there is a message about starting play on Saturday morning.
Each county we go to may have additional covid information or Site information you need to share with your team.  Remember to stay out of the dugout area until the team that played before you has a chance to clean up and clear out.  No seeds are allowed at the Seminole County softball complexes.  Please adhere to their wishes.
When we travel to a complex, we are the guests of the local officials.  Please be on your best behavior, and be respectful to them if they approach you.  They have their own protocols, and are just doing their jobs.  If you think someone is being disrespectful to you or your team, find the Site Director at that complex, and they will contact me.  It is my job to handle the "fires," not yours.
Our jurisdiction follows you all the way to your local leagues, not just at FHC Tournaments.  Recently, we had a problem in the parking lot between 2 of our FHC members.  They had a little scuffle, and someone was hurt.  We will provide strict and quick discipline if we feel that the actions of a Player, or Players, are an extension of one of our tournaments, or if one of our Board Members is unfairly treated.
Remember Managers, you must have your roster completed by October 1st.  
One of our Commissioners, Floyd Williams, has stepped down from his position.  The Board has recommended Mr. Derrick Lovell to replace him.  He has been the Area 4 Director for the last several months.  You will vote on his appointment in late October or early November, along with some other issues.  I will let you know what will be on the ballot in the coming weeks.
Also, the Board has approved Mr. Jim Ganci as the new Area 4 Director, pending the election results of Mr. Lovell.
God bless and good luck!
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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