Weather and Shortened Games

Mar 07, 2024 ·   Tournament News
Managers, as you know, Florida weather is difficult at best.  We lost 3 strait tournaments in December and January, and have been fortunate to get most of our games in since then, but only by going to what we refer to as 'shortened games.'  
I know I do not have to explain Board policy every time we make a decision about rules and safety.  I hear that more than the whining about why we go to these short games at all.  But, once more, here it is.
One of my Player/Manager/Sponsors called me on Monday.  I consider him a close friend and confidant, so I listened.  He said that the guys were unhappy because there was no need to go to the short games because the weather was fine in the morning.  He also said that the topic of 5-inning games as a norm was rampant in their conversation with his Players, and several other Teams as well, and they agreed that is was obvious that was what we are trying to field more Teams in the tournament.  I said, "That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard."  I reminded him that the entire Board of Directors play on Teams as well (except me), and why would they ever agree to such a thing?  As most of you know, I played at the Major and Major Plus level for over 45 years, and I am a Players' Chairman.  That means that the Players come first.  We do that by providing screens, making sure we do not have collisions on the bases with our rules, and making it possible for every game to be played in any given day if it is possible.  Unfortunately, there are Teams who only care about themselves and no one else.  Last Saturday, the bad weather was supposed to come in around 2pm.  We went to 'short games.'  We were lucky, and got in all of the games because it did not rain until nightfall.  The weather was supposed to come in on Sunday by 1pm, so we went to short games again.  The storms came in around 2:30 or so, and rained out the last round of games, but because we did what we did, we played all of the other games.
Back to my conversation with my good friend.  
So I asked him "Did your Team win or lose?"
"We lost!"
"Did the other Team get more at bats than you did?"
"No, of course not."
"So, you got the same number of at bats, but it is my fault that you lost?"
"Well, several of the Teams are talking about going somewhere else to play if they cannot get regular games in."
I know every one of you veterans have heard me say this at least a dozen times during the years:
Well, you know what I always say in cases like this.  "We are glad to have you, but we do not have to have you.  Go somewhere else if you want to play in an inferior league."
See you soon my friends.  
PS:  The weather looks good for Saturday, but not Sunday.  Only God knows what is really going to happen.  This is Florida!!!!!
Coach Knowles
FHC Chairman

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