Chairman's Notes May 2020 Week 4

May 26, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we don't know when just yet.  Florida should enter into Phase 2 pretty soon, and that will bring more openings of fields and so on.  Some counties are allowing batting practice even now, but with limits on how many can participate at one time.  We still do not know if the Governor is going to open the ball fields for play, or wait until Phase 3.  A few days ago, he announced that summer camps and leagues are open for our youngsters, but said nothing about senior softball.  

I am told that some counties may allow adult league play, or even tournaments, but we do not know for sure if the county governments will allow that.  As of now, that would go against the state government.  However, if a county does allow that, it would be their decision only, and might hurt them down the road with state or federal funding.  We have lost 6 tournaments already, because the County Commissioners in our counties chose not to play.  It is not the fault of any of our Sports Commissions or sites.  Those people would love to have us, as well as the Hotels and restaurants.  It is my hope that you all understand that we want to play as well.
Just as soon as we get the permission to play, we will get our new safety guidelines to all of our teams.  Normal might not be normal for quite awhile.
We still get prayer requests from many of our FHC family members.  Lots of people are hurting financially right now, and also have medical problems.  Please keep all of these people in your individual and prayer lists.  I want to mention one little person in particular.  Little Alex is a 2+ year old little boy who is facing cancer and is already undergoing chemo.  His grandfather is one of our Players.  Please keep  Alex and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.  Prayer is a powerful instrument, especially in great numbers.  
God bless you all,
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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