Chairman's Notes - May 2022

May 18, 2022 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, when you receive emails or messages from anyone on the FHC Board of Directors, please share those thoughts with your Players and Coaches.  Quite often something new is announced but some Players say to us that they 'never heard a word' from their Manager.  Help them out and yourself by being knowledgeable about what is going on with FHC.

About a month ago I was alerted that we had lost one of our venues for the 50's State Tournament for the December 10/11 weekend.  We polled our 50's teams and they would rather move the tournament than play a crazy schedule, so we moved the State Tournament to December 17/18, which is the following weekend.  It is still in Polk County and we thank them for working with us and providing sufficient Sites for a great tournament.
We have been fortunate with the weather this year but we all know the bad stuff is just down the road.  We do monitor the weather at least 2 weeks out, especially during storm and Hurricane season.  As a reminder we will let you know in advance about the possibility of bad weather, or even worst, a Hurricane.  We will always cancel a tournament, if necessary, by Thursday at noon before the weekend.  That allows people to cancel their Hotel rooms by 4pm on Thursday.
However, if we just have a storm or two, and can play, we may go to 'shortened games.'  Be aware that if we do that make sure you know when and where you are playing and that you get there early because we will start early if possible.  You must be checked in and ready to go 1 full hour before game time.  We rarely start a regular game early but we will start a rain game early, if we can. 
Just another reminder that we will start checking 'stickers' on bats beginning with the June 60's tournament.  I sent out information on that a couple of days ago and will do so again prior to that tournament.  Bat testers will be at all complexes during the year so if you buy a new bat, or you get a new Player on your team, those bats can be tested before they are used in a game.  If a Player brings an untested bat (without a sticker) and walks into the batter's box, that Player will be called out.
Check your rosters to see if you have a Player with a FHC number that does not coincide with your Area.  Have them contact me and we can get them a Replacement Card in just a few days.  Right now we are allowing Managers to check their team in but we will start checking cards again in October.  Also, if you have a Pick-up Player in a tournament, they will need to show their FHC Card at the sign-in table.
If you have an injured Player that can hit but cannot run you must contact me and I will instruct you on how do get a Waiver for a Courtesy Runner (including at the plate).  Do not come to the Pregame Meeting expecting to get a runner without a message from me.  But, if you have someone that gets injured at the tournament, and you do not have a substitute, you can petition the Site Director for help.
I am having foot surgery Friday afternoon so I will be out for a few weeks.  God bless and I look forward to seeing you down the road.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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