Chairman's Notes November 2020

Nov 02, 2020 ·   Chairman's Notes

Managers, the election is over, and it is onward and upward.  Thank you for being involved in your Association.  You voted on several items, and I will address them in a week or so.  Tonight, I have several important items that you need to share with your teams and fans.

We began the temperature checks in July, and will continue to do so until it is certain that we all can be safe without them.  A few people have become a bit sour to this, but this 'virus is not over yet.'  We must be vigilante and safe in order to continue to play the game we all love.  So, because of the actions of some, we are instituting some real teeth into the problem.  As you know, all Players and fans must be checked upon entering the Softball Complex.  If a Player comes to bat and his wrist band is not visible, he will be called out by the umpire immediately.  If a Player in the field does not have his wrist band he will be sent off the field to the Director's table to get his temperature checked.  A sub must be entered at this time, and the re-entry rule used to put the Player back in the game.  The time clock will not be stopped.  If a sub is not available, then the defense will play with one less Player until he gets back.  Make sure you go over this with all of your Players and pick-up Players if needed.
The only time the time clock is stopped is when a Player is injured and must leave the field.  Also, if a Director is called because of a needed rule interpretation, the clock will be stopped, or there is an ejection.
Make sure you are using the proper game balls during your games.  The only time you can use a different ball than the softballs you are given upon the check-in process are those that are approved by the Director, and you are told ahead of time.  Right now, the only Site where that happens is Walker Road in Polk County, because of the water problem there.
Managers, if you have a Player or Coach that has tested positive for the 'virus', that person must send the negative results from 2 separate tests to the Area Director and the Chairman before he can play in a game or even come to the ballpark.  That is your responsibility.
If you have a person who needs to apply for a FHC card or a Replacement Card, get that to me in the next couple of days, or wait until November 14 before they contact me.  I will be out of the State until the 14th but I will have my phone and laptop with me.
See you all soon.
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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