Player temperature checks will continue

Nov 24, 2020 ·   Tournament News
Managers, we seem to have a communication problem with some of our Players.  Please make sure that you let them know that we will continue to check temperatures for now, and they will wear the wristbands on their wrist or they will not play.  I sent out a message recently to that affect, but we have an occasional person who balks.  It is made of paper and will not hurt you, but if you have a medical problem take your problem to the Site Director, and they can decide if you can wear it somewhere else.  
"If a batter comes to the plate without a wristband they are automatically out and must go get one.  If a defensive Player does not have a wristband, they must leave the field immediately and go get one.  If you only have 10 Players, then you play with 9 until he gets back."
Share this with your Players.  I had a very large man tell me this past Saturday that he was not going to wear a wristband, and no one could make him.  I told him "That is fine, but you can just go home, because if you do not wear one, you are not going to play."  Guess what he did?
Mike Knowles
FHC Chairman

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