State Tournaments May be Moving to the Fall!

Mar 16, 2018 ·   Voting

Managers, it is time to break with tradition, and consider moving the State Tournaments to the fall, for multiple reasons:

  1. December is a tough month because of the upcoming holidays.  Our wives will be happy.
  2. We have become so large that it is a very difficult job to prepare the rosters for December play and also begin the process for play in the next year.
  3. By playing in the fall, teams will be allowed to bring on board their new players (for the rest of the year) that are turning:  Ex.  49, 59, 64, 69, and 73.
  4. The Board will make qualification alterations for eligibility for both players and teams for this year.  The Board will consider 5 for the teams and 3 for the players for the 50's and 60's, and 2 and 1 for the 70's, for this year only.
The Managers will vote at the tournament sites in April.  If you do not play in April, you may vote on the website through our Web Manager, Tres Fenton.  The ballots will be put in a secure "ballot box", and handled by three of our best known Player-Managers.  We will announce all three names by next week, as soon as I have gotten their permission.  The Board will not handle any part of the voting process.  Our volunteers will announce the vote at the end of April.
The ballot will have two choices.  Those choices will be to move to September or stay in December.  After much research, we have found that September is the best month to play so as not to interfere with the many national tournaments that are played in late September and most all of October.
At this time our State Tournament Committee is working on the format for the tournament.  If you have any ideas please contact your Area Director.
Mike Knowles


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