State Tournaments to remain in December for 2018

May 07, 2018 ·   Voting
The vote is in.  In a vote of 78-65, the Manager vote is to keep the State Championships in December for this year.  At 143 votes, that is a whopping 73% of the teams exercising their voting rights.  As you can see, many people believe it is time to do something else.  We will address this at a later date after canvasing our teams at different age groups to see what might be a more popular month to hold our State Championships.  If it ends up staying in December in the future, then we will go with the majority vote.
I want to personally thank the following FHC members and players who counted the votes.  The ballot boxes were not opened until it was time to count the votes.  Thanks to Juan Alicea (The Classics) who kept and transported the ballot boxes from Polk County to The Villages and supervised the counting.  The ballots were counted by Frenchie LeTan and David Mamuscia, both members of the Frankie Brin 74's.  Also in the room were Area 2 Director John Moran and myself.
Mike Knowles
FHC Senior Softball

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