To all Managers

Aug 18, 2022 ·   General


Men, many of you already know that I had a really bad incident happen in Lakeland on August 6th.  To make a long story short, I was stepping up on a sidewalk, fell down, and tore the outside of my left leg very bad.  A young woman (my Angel) rushed in, wrapped up my leg in a blanket and got me to some Emergency help.  I had an emergency operation and stayed at Lakeland Regional for several days.  I am home now and on the mend.  Thank God for my wife Sherry.  
We never expect things like this, but my faith in people has soared after the care I received in Lakeland, and of course, at home.  Thank you so much for your calls, texts, and emails.  I will be just fine, and I will see you down the road.
Mike Knowles

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